Saturday, July 25, 2015

I watched you die "untitled" FINAL RELEASE

I watched you die
release through Breaching Static
HNW to the max
packaged in paper sleeve 
This will be the last release from this project

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Watching My Body Burn

I watched you die
"Watching my body burn"
This is the 4th of the 12 suicides series from ALTER OF WASTE
Will have a few copies soon for trade. Here is a small review.
Fourth installment in the series from suicidal HNW master I Watched You Die (Alex Nowacki, from Boar.)  A crushing 40 minute track of extremely crumbly and punishing low end HNW destruction, a massive engulfing sound that easily brings to mind charring flesh and the stench of a life deemed worthless by the individual living it.  Intensely suffocating and transfixing, the monotonous roar of an all-consuming conflagration whose only purpose is the eradication of a diseased idea of the self.  Existence is without purpose; the only truth is in self-immolation.  Sever ties to the physical and watch as the body is eaten away by flame.
Packaged as a fold over cover in a clear plastic bag.  Released in a limited edition of 15 hand-numbered copies


“Watching My Body Burn” offers up a brutal & low-end focused slice of walled noise, which is both intense & sonically descriptive in it’s unfold. This is the fourth Volume in Altar Of wastes suicide themed series 12 Suicides, and it came in an edition of 15 copies.
The CDR comes in a double sided fold-out cover/ sleeve, which fittingly takes in photos of fire engulfed woodlands & landscapes. I Watched You Die is one of the  projects of long time Dubuque Iowa based noise scene-ster Alex Nowacki( Boar, Centuries Behind A Gate, Polyester Pants). The projects been active since 2011, releasing a steady stream of brutal & uncompromising walled noise releases.
The release takes in a single 40.24 slice of wall brutality, which is taut, suffocating, entrancing & grimly descriptive.  The ‘wall’s built around a continual low-end rumbling judder, which is surrounded by a smaller group of  noise sub-tones, that take in both hissing ‘n’ crackling textures.  And really the releases title describes perfectly what this track sounds like - a body being engulfed & over run by intense, unstoppable & searing flame. With the fire continual billowing & feasting, while the bodies fat & other internal fluids hiss, pop, boil & simmer.
Both key textural elements remain firm though-out the tracks full length, though as the track progresses both seem to get more & more instense- but I suspect that’s just a trick of the wall, and the whole thing is fairly fixed. Through that said some of the hissing tones do really seem to get alot more rapid & searing towards the end of proceedings, as if the body has finally become just a violent bubbling, splitting & spluttering flesh candle... before there is just searing  mass of flame alone at the tracks very end.
Sadly it would seem this release is now sold out from Altar Of Waste, but you may get luck & get a copy direct from Mr Nowacki, or via discogs?!. It’s certainly well worth trying to track down as this is perfectly executed slice of intense wall- noise bombardment, which is both moorish & wonderfully (yet grimly) sonically descriptive.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I want you all dead

"I want you all dead" 7''lathe
Vital Weekly 
I WATCHED YOU DIE - I WANT YOU ALL DEAD (7” lathe record by Breaching Static)
When compared against the minuscule five-inch (!!!) single that Breaching Static released alongside this disc, a seven-inch record is like an eternity for Alex Nowacki's noise project, I Watched You Die, to operate – even if he only uses one side. What happens on this disc is interesting: whereas the five-inch, 'You Are All Lame Fucks' (recorded as Boar) skittered in agitation from plank-of-noise to plank-of-noise, here Nowacki seems more comfortable fleshing out a relatively level plateau of abrasion. And it's crusty & crumbly wall, but not one that's overly onerous to consume. Instead, it erects an impressive texture that is simply awe-inspiring to behold. It is curious how at odds this craggy mo'fo is with the pristine, transparent record that houses all the sound, but that's the beauty of the format. Another important ingredient is the brevity of the proceedings. I reviewed a full-length album Nowacki put out awhile back, and it was monstrous in good and bad ways. In one sense, there is something cathartic and purifying (and perhaps artistically profound) about 70 minutes of static wall-noise. But it's also more than one can digest in a given sitting. With this lone, enormous track, Nowacki manages to pack a similarly intense thrill, but achieves it in a concise, intense, and visually appealing context. (MT)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sunday, December 22, 2013

3 new releases (available on tour)

To the left-I watched you die,Cannibal Ritual,Burial Ground 3 way cdr
released through Breaching Static
Middle-"Backyard Decay"c46 released through Distorted Vision
To the right- "I watched you eat someone"c90 released through Crystal Lake Tapes
these will be available on the I watched you die/Breakdancing Ronald Reagan East Coast Tour.
(will post availability after tour)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

December 27th - Chicago, IL? HELP NEEDED
December 28th - Dayton, OH @ Pungent Dungeon w/ Rape-X, Pregnant Spore, Evolve, Dog Lady Island, Citizen 2-13, MBD, Ioave, etc
December 29th - Buffalo, NY @ Northrup House w/ Waves Crashing Piano Chords, Swallowing Bile
December 30th - Albany, NY @ UAG w/TBA 
December 31st - Lowell, MA @ 119 Gallery w/ Woozy, Crank Sturgeon, Gnarwhal, Lak/Wright Duo, Wei Zhongle
January 1st - Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn w/ FFH, Richard Kamerman
January 2nd - Providence, RI @ details TBA
January 3rd - Philadelphia, PA @ Heaven's Gate w/ Tyr Alexander + Slurr, Forbidden Colors, Rape-X
January 4th - Baltimore, MD @ MySpace w/ TBA
January 5th - Richmond, VA @ details TBA
January 6th - Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway w/ Mannequin Hollowcaust, Kaontrol Kontraos
January 7th - Cincinnati, OH @ Rake's End w/ Hallucinocide, Brain, Hardon Collider, Kommunist Synthesizer
January 8th - Champaign, IL @ Thee Death Tower w/ Secular Edict, Polypsis

On this tour ill have copies of---
c90 "I watched you eat people"
c40 "Backyard Decay"
and some Breaching Static label merch

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


out now

review by Musique Machine-

“Morbid Beginnings” is a two CDR set that offers up four slices of oppressive, dark, tense, yet extremely brutal walled noise. I Watched You Die is one of the projects Dubuque Iowa based noise artists Alex Nowacki(Boar, Phantom Rib, Centuries Behind A Gate, Polyester Pants), and this project has been in existence since 2011, releasing around six CDR & cassette releases thus far. The project has always focused in on low-end, crushing & bleak walled noise.
The two unlabeled CDRs come in white double DVD case, which features photo copied cover sleeve that takes in a very dark picture of the project performing live. There’s also a card inlay that features a picture of the projects equipment set-up. The first disc features two untitled tracks, and each track comes near the 35 minute mark. The second disc features two tracks again, but these are less evenly blanced with their run-time- the first track comes in at the fifty minute mark, and the second at the fifteen minute mark.  So all told there’s over two hours  worth of blacked & intense walled noise on offer here.
So first up on CDR one we have the first untitled track, and this ‘wall’ brings together a  meaty skull drilling bass juddering/purring, with a skipping ‘n’ circling crusty jitter. The track really feels like your head is in a vice, and the pressures is just getting more & more, as a drill buzzer 'n' sparks above you. The tracks pattern/structure remains fixed through-out, yet it keeps you fully locked in & entranced for it’s total running time.
The second untitled track brings together an endless descending & oppressive blunt worming bass tone. And this is joined by a fairly complex yet repetitive mass of crumbling ‘n’ crunching jittering textures. This track really seems  burrow deeply into your head in a most intense & taut yet satisfying manner. From time to time through-out the track you get the odd sudden haze or shunt of extra textural detail flitting across the intense mass of the ‘wall’, but mostly this is a fixed & firm bit of wall-making.

Over onto disc two, and the third untitled track. To start with his ‘wall’ is built around a slight more open mix of layered crumbling & juddering noise which has a descend & fairly rapid feel to it; as the track progresses the sonic picture seems to get more & more crowded as similar toned crumbling 'n' juddering textures build up & press in on you. After a time the building-up of more textures stop, but the track remains full & fixed in it’s feel. To me the track rather brought to mind the bizarre image of greyed clouds descend from the sky, and falling around your head & body in crusty & engulfing manner.
So last up we have untitled track four, and this is built around a very meaty & roasting thick bass judder ‘n’ drill, which has crisp & crunching jitters tightly wrapped around it. The tracks structure is fairly firm/ fixed, though as the track goes on more  intense juddering vibe is brought to the fore- yet the whole ‘wall’ never shifts to far from it’s structural foundations. This ‘wall’ has got such an brutal ‘n’ crushing feel to it, yet it’s damn entrancing too. The tracks a great end to this great release.
I’ll have to admit I was a bit disappointed when I heard Boar(Nowacki’s main project) was moving away from pure HNW, to a more PE/ harsh noise/ HNW/ moody experimental noise mix. So it’s great he’s keeping  I watched You Die as a pure HNW project.  Simply “Morbid Beginnings”offers up four masterful & brutal slices of walled noise, that clearly show that Nowacki is still able to create intense, creative yet entrancing walled noise. This release came in a edition of 12 copies, so you might get lucky & still snag a copy, as this really is a must have item for any self respecting ‘wall-head’.